The loss of a family member is a very sad event and we are here to support you during this difficult time. A thousand memories of them flash through the mind within seconds, and it takes time to heal from the grief. Loved ones have a special place in our hearts, and we want to give them proper respect and an honourable burial after their departure. 

Headstones are crafted to give a befitting burial to a lost loved one.

A headstone is a slab of stone, usually made of granite or marble, that is placed at the head of a person’s grave. It contains information such as the name of the deceased, their date of birth and date of death. It can include poems, epitaphs or artwork engraved on the headstone. The earliest use of tombstones started with Roman and Celtic societies around 3000BC. Huge monuments were used to mark a burial site. 

There are different types of headstones that you can use to honour your loved ones on their burial site. This article outlines the different types of headstones and their particular uses.

Upright Headstone

This is one of the most popularly used types of headstones. This is the picture that comes to mind for most people whenever they hear about headstone. Upright headstones are the best choice if you want to engrave any information on a headstone. There is a slab of stone that stands upright on which inscriptions, messages or images are made which is called the die. It is fixed to the grind with a concrete base, and it stands between two and three feet tall. 

Kerbed Headstone

This is the most expensive type of headstone but it has the most potential for personalisation. Kerbed headstones don’t only have a die standing upright, they also cover the whole grave with stone borders around the edges. It looks similar to a bed with a bed board. This is the choice of most people because there is space to place things inside the border. It provides more space for remembering the deceased with epitaphs, and grave decorations such as etchings and vases.  

Flat Headstone

Flat headstones are sometimes called the tablet memorial. It lies flat in the ground, and can sometimes be raised at the top to stay in a slanted position. When it is raised, it is known as raised-top markers or bevel markers. It is smaller than an upright headstone, but it still provides enough space to allow the details of the deceased and some special words to be etched on it. There can be different sizes depending on a family’s budget, and it is a good option to give your loved one a befitting burial without breaking the bank or going into debt. They come in different colours, sizes and designs.

Cremation Memorial 

Cremation memorials can be a dignifying final resting place if you have a loved one who has been cremated rather than buried. You can have different styles of design; from ones that look like smaller versions of upright headstones to designs that look like plaques. Some other designs have urns, which serve as a place where you can keep ashes. Regardless of the style you choose, you will have enough space to have details of your deceased and endearing words etched in the memorial.

Cremation Bench

You can commemorate your deceased loved one with a bench at the burial ground or cemetery. The bench can be placed at the top where the ashes have been interred, or to create space to contain the ashes. It doesn’t require a concrete base and you can make engravings on it. It can be used for the remains of more than one person (maximum of six people), and it is a good option for a family grave. They are made of strong granite and come in different colours. Installation of cremation benches does not cost much and they can serve as a space for family and friends to sit whenever they remember the deceased and come visiting.

Children Headstone

There are different designs for children’s headstones. Designs range from toys, angels, teddy bears, musical instruments and any other special object that can become visual remembrance of their legacy. 

After the passing away of a loved one, it is important to ensure that they get a dignifying and memorable burial. Choosing the right headstone is very important to realizing this, more because it stands as the lasting memory of the person you lost. This article enlightens you on the different types of headstones and their uses, which  will help you make the critical decision on how best you can honour your lost loved one.