Overcoming Your Fear Of Funerals

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at the thought of attending a funeral, whether the person who has passed away was a close friend or relative. A fear of funerals may even cause you to question whether you will want to attend the funeral at all, but you shouldn’t let the funeral nerves keep you from saying goodbye. 

The thought of attending a funeral may be stressful for a variety of reasons. The reasons could stem from social anxiety, stage fright if asked to speak or it could be thanatophobia which is the fear of death, or things associated with the dead such as funerals or cemeteries. Perhaps you are worried about how you will cope with, or hold back, strong emotions – especially whilst other people are emotional too. South Wales Monuments have created a blog post which will give you a few tips and tricks when it comes to overcoming your fear of funerals. 



There are many different reasons why a person might not wish to attend a funeral, one obvious one might be to do with sadness. People, unfortunately, can feel awkward and uncomfortable when around others who are grieving. This can be further emphasised if you didn’t know the person very well. It is okay to want to go to a funeral to support friends who are experiencing a loss. 

Open Casket

Attending an open casket funeral can be quite stressful, the idea of seeing a body is not the most comfortable experience. It is important to remember that you don’t need to go anywhere near the body, in most cases, people will show their respect at the beginning of the ceremony or you can simply go and pay your respects to the family and not see the body at all. Doing this will allow you to make an appearance without feeling anxious about seeing the body.

It’s Okay To Show Emotions

You do not need to suppress your tears of emotions during the funeral service. If you have to deliver a eulogy or have an active role to play in the funeral, remember it’s okay to express yourself and pause if you feel overwhelmed. 

Open Up To Friends & Families 

A good way to calm nerves is to be open about how you’re feeling and acknowledge your feelings. Talk to a close friend or a family member as this might help to take some of the stress away and help you better manage your emotions. 

Be Kind To Yourself 

Anxiety is one of the main emotions that are associated with grief. It’s not easy to eat or sleep when you are grieving a friend or family member, anxiousness can often then lead to physical symptoms such as feeling faint or sickness. 

Using mindfulness techniques can help you to regulate your breathing and help you feel more relaxed. Hot baths with aromatherapy oils including lavender can help you relax and prepare for the funeral. This could all be part of your coping strategy.  

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