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    Stand alone headstones are primarily used in ‘Lawn’ cemetery plots as well as many others. They are the most popular memorial type because of ease of maintenance in the cemetery or churchyard, whilst being aesthetically pleasing.

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    Memorials with Surrounds

    Memorials with surrounds cover the entire grave or graves, normally allowed in certain cemeteries and certain churchyards.

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    Memorials for Cremation plots

    Memorials normally low in height ranging from flat tablets to small headstone type memorials ideally suited to gardens of remembrance

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    Childrens Memorials

    These memorial headstones have been developed to suit the needs of childrens graves often small and usually cheerful

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    South Wales Headstones & Memorials

    We believe in transparent pricing on all our headstones, memorials, and grave surrounds. Any quote you receive will state all costs clearly, so you can purchase your headstone with confidence.

    Every headstone and memorial is made to order, handcrafted by our skilled memorial stonemasons. We work with you, ensuring that a fitting memorial and inscription that poignantly remembers and reflects your loved one is created.

    Most people don’t want to ask what happens if another member of the family dies and they need to add another name to their memorial headstone; this is routine to us, we will remove the memorial to allow the interment to take place and later reinstate it when the further inscription or wording is added. Please contact one of our advisors to arrange for the removal and modification of your memorial headstone.

    Our service area is throughout South Wales which includes Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bridgend & all surrounding towns. We take care of the local authority or church permits, licenses and memorial rights. These complex forms require scale drawings and information that we research and document for you.

    Our terms will be explained to you upon placing your order by a member of our considerate and expert staff. A deposit of half will be required up front, however, if you are in a position to pay the total amount upfront then a discount will be applied. 

    Headstone After Care and Insurance

    In 1982 we established a memorial insurance service, which is now operated by Bridge Insurance Brokers. Typically an insurance policy for a headstone, memorial, or grave surround costing £1000.00 will cost £61 for 5 years cover. This includes subsidence of the memorial headstone. We also provide a Total Care Service. Depending on the type of memorial will cost about £80 per year for 4 visits per year.

    We offer the very best memorial headstones. Get in contact with our memorial masons team today to learn more about the services we can offer you.


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