Bucket List Ideas

Attending the Olympics, Swimming with dolphins or visiting every continent in the world! What is on your bucket list? 

In simple terms, a bucket list is a list of experiences, achievements or goals you would like to accomplish in your lifetime. For a lot of people, it will take an illness, retirement or another life-changing event for them to begin thinking about everything that they would like to do before they pass away. Life can be uncertain and will throw curveballs throughout, which is why it is important not to wait for the perfect time to start doing everything you would like to do.

A notepad with the words "Bucket List" on it.

If you have no idea where to start it ask yourself some questions to find out what adventures you would be the most passionate about completing, these questions may include; 

  • Where would you like to visit the most in the world? 
  • Why type of food would you like to try?
  • Are there any activities or sports you would like to try? 
  • Are they any events you would like to attend? 
  • What skills would you like to learn? 

Questions like this will help you think about some basic ideas which will then result in your bucket list. Make your bucket list today not because you’re scared of dying but because you’re scared of not living. South Wales Monuments have created the perfect bucket list to give you some ideas on what you could add to yours. Let’s begin!

Your Bucket List 

See the northern lights

Northern Lights

Go on a cruise 


Go scuba diving 

Scuba Diving

Visit every continent 

World Map

Learn to play an instrument

Eat something foreign that you would not normally choose

Attend a West End show

West End Show

Attend the Olympics


Go to a festival 


Start your own business

Start Your Own Business

Where Do I start? 

You are probably now looking at your long list of dreams and goals and thinking where do I begin? If you focus on too many goals you could find yourself becoming overwhelmed or distracted. To start off, pick two or three to begin. If you are struggling to choose which ones to start with, read through your list again and decide which ones excite you and also are easy to access as some tasks you will be able to finish almost instantly whereas others will take a lot longer to complete. 

Be Realistic 

It is almost 100% certain that you already have things going on in your life at the moment, which is why it is important to spend some time working out what is practical for your existing lifestyle. For example, if you are on a course which lasts 6 months, your goals will be pushed back until this is completed, which is completely fine. All you have to do is assess how long it will take to complete this goal from the point that you have finished the course. Don’t overwhelm yourself, this is meant to be fun. 

Celebrate When You Complete A Goal

Once you have completed a goal on your list, make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to recognise this and celebrate the journey you are embarking on. It may be a nice idea to keep a memory book filled with keepsakes from your adventures, these could include tickets, photographs or recipes. Post photos on social media for all your family to see or even write in a journal so you can look back on your memories first hand. Keep the memories alive as this will keep you motivated to achieve your next goal. 

South Wales Monuments 

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