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South Wales Monuments will work together with you to make certain your memorial tribute is original by providing you and your family a compassionate and customised service. We’ve got a team of highly skilled staff that will take you step by step through the whole process of deciding on a headstone, tombstone or memorial, and craft the ideal inscription and epitaph that commemorates your loved one. If you are looking for a Stone Mason in Swansea then give us a call on 029 2088 7188 and we will be happy to speak to you.

Our Products

South Wales Monuments range of operation includes the entire South Wales area. We complete all forms such as church and local authority permits, memorial rights as well as other permits. Our terms of service are explained to you on placing an order.

At South Wales Monuments, we give our customers the freedom to choose the type of headstones and the kinds of images and texts they would like to use. Each letter plays an important role and will determine the overall outlook of the style and design.

Types of Headstones and Memorials

  • Flat Headstones – Flat headstones are sometimes called flat tablets or flat markers and are normally manufactured using bronze or granite. They’re able to be either constructed parallel with the terrain or raised slightly while slanting from the back. Like regular headstones, they come in numerous material, sizes, colour and finishes.
  • Upright Headstones – This represents the most traditional style and design generally manufactured from limestone, marble or granite. Upright headstones are pinned to the ground and supported by a cement foundation. The size and style pretty much depend on the customer’s specifications, however, the conventional designs come with a height of 45 inches, a width of 30 inches and depth of 6 inches.
  • Kerbed Headstones – These are typically full-length headstones which are manufactured laying flat in parallel with the ground. The most popular depth dimensions are typically4 inches and offer a lot of space for personal expression. Kerbed headstones can make use of combining bevel and slant markers in conjunction with the traditional upright headstones.
  • Memorials for Cremation – Memorials for cremation have a good deal that resembles vertical headstones; with the addition of a container, ordinarily hollowed granite, to hold cremated remains for both sides. An Additional notable distinction is that these memorials for cremation are installed away from the headstone.
  • Cremation and Memorial Benches – You can alternate headstones with cremation benches if you do not require a cement base. Some designs have the capability to hold the remains of 1 to 6 people. Cremation benches are largely used to greatly enhance the look of commemorative gardens.

Traditional memorial
book of life headstone with decorative border
rustic traditional headstone

Choice of Headstone Materials

South Wales Monuments helps you to decide on the type of headstone material you desire. Headstone material choice is essential as it impacts your placement alternatives and aesthetic attributes of the headstone style and design. Furthermore, the type of stone you ultimately choose will determine the durability of your headstone.

  • White Marble Headstones – It’s commonly a vibrant material consisting of exceptional grey and blue composition. Craftsmen habitually give it a fine rub to get a smooth appearance and feel. Nevertheless, it is prohibited in some church surroundings and not ideal for extremely damp areas due to its fragility
  • Granite Headstones – It’s regarded as probably the most adaptable and durable substance of all. It comes in a wide array of colours and surface finishes. Granite headstones are commonly accepted in churchyards as people like their visual properties
  • Bronze Memorials – They’re well-liked due to their durability. The down-side of bronze is that it darkens eventually. Nonetheless, it doesn’t need lots of upkeep. It is more expensive than granite, and infrequently found in churchyards
  • Portland Headstones – It’s a type of grey limestone that discolours and hardens after a while, producing a weathered and worn overall look. It’s regularly used in churchyards. It’s hard to read inscriptions on it because of its colouring, and one must make use of shadow, so it demands the usage of capital letters and deep cuts. A lovely headstone when created by our craftsmen
  • Nebresina Headstones – It’s also a variety of limestone that includes a beige hue. It’s usually rubbed to get a smooth finish. They’re allowed in churchyards but aren’t as long lasting as white marble and granite


South Wales Monuments have been aiding families create beautiful headstones, tombstones, memorial stones and memorial benches for almost forty years. We take great pride in every piece we produce. We handcraft every stone to your desires, guaranteeing that you are thrilled with the remembrance piece of your beloved.

Our Services

Cleaning and Maintenance

As a result of unmanageable factors like weather, pollution and location, your headstone could need aftercare or repairs and maintenance.South Wales Monuments provides faultless aftercare services accomplished by highly trained craftsmen. The aftercare and protection come as a 5-year affordable plan which begins the moment the memorial is fitted.

Whilst accidents are unusual in cemeteries, memorial safety factors are imperative, which explains why local authorities have to carry out checks in their cemeteries. South Wales Monuments makes use of modern day methods of erection such as ground anchor bolts that are installed under memorials. This tends to ensure that the memorial never tumbles over. Ensuring a long-lasting memorial for the one you love.

Choosing Headstone Surface Finishes

After picking out headstone material, South Wales Monuments will invite you to decide a finish that resonates with you. A finish significantly establishes the sturdiness and appearance of the headstone. The options you’ll find at Headstones of Distinction consist of pitched, polished, part-polished and honed.

Choosing your Design and Style

Once you’ve decided on the material, shape and size of the headstone, and after you’ve completed your epitaph and chosen your images, we can help you with the design and style. Although there are numerous designs and sizes, you’re able to customise your headstone. Some of the layouts you might want on the headstone consist of fonts, imagery, colouring, stones, contours and mouldings, military services outlooks and different themes.


Deciding upon the inscription will be the final component and it is regarded by many people, the most daunting to complete. This is the very last message you are able to send to your loved one. It should to be short, dignified and sum up their entire life. When decided upon, South Wales Monuments provides you with three options for displaying this message, such as epitaph, engravings, and memorial plaques.

headstone inscription


To learn more about our products, services and Stone Masons in Swansea be sure to phone our friendly team on 029 2088 7188 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or book a time to suit you to come in and meet with us.