Dealing With Grief During The Holidays

Family and togetherness are key themes when it comes to the Christmas holidays, this can make the holidays extremely difficult when you and your family are grieving the loss of a loved one. You might feel a lot of pressure to put on a brave face, but this can often make you feel a lot worse. It is important to deal with the grief in the right way for you, allowing you to celebrate the life of your loved one whilst also enjoying some of the holiday festivities. South Wales Monuments have put together a few tips to help you get through the holiday season whilst also dealing with grief.

South Wales Monuments understand how important it is to remember you loved on in the best way possible. We offer a lot of services and products to the South of Wales and Bristol which can provide you with this outcome. If you would like help with any of the processes or would like advice on our memorials please contact us today on 02920 887 188.

Christmas 2019

Communicate With Friends & Family 

Your friends and family will be grateful to you if you talk to them and explain to them what you need as they care about you and might be dealing with grief too. A problem shared is a problem halved and this statement is true in this situation. Also, don’t worry if no one has approached you about the loss as they will still care, yet might be struggling to know what to say. Keep an open line of communication and try not to isolate yourself. 

Keeping Their Memory Alive During The Holidays

Light a candle, look at some photos of happy memories and tell stories of happy memories you have shared. Whilst you are doing it be grateful for the time you have had with them and make this the focus on the day rather than their absence in your future. 

Do One Thing In The Day That Is Just For You

Even though the holidays are a time for friends and family, if you are feeling sad over overwhelmed it is important to do something for you to take your mind off it for a while. Watch an episode of a TV show, go for a small walk or enjoy your favourite treat. Make sure that you schedule this into your day and look forward to it. Your loved one wouldn’t have wanted you to be sad all day. 

Support From Friends 

If you feel alone and you want a second opinion from someone who isn’t a family member, it is important to reach out to friends, they will be there to help and support you. 

Let Yourself Be Sad 

Please know that feeling sad, depressed or crying is completely normal and that the first Christmas will be the worst. Look towards the future and know that time will make it easier. If you are really struggling please call The Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 if you would just like an ear at the end of the phone. It is not weak to need help. 

Enjoy A Christmas Drink 

It is important to enjoy a Christmas drink with your family and friends, however, it is also important to avoid numbing your pain with too much alcohol as this will make you feel worse in the long run. 

Create New Traditions 

Don’t be afraid to create new traditions this year too. It’s okay to get creative and do something a little different, you can also alter older traditions and make them fit better with the new phase in your life. 

Celebrate When You Get To The End Of The Day

You took control and you made it through the day and you also managed to find some pleasure in it and you can create many more Christmas memories and special memories as well as remembering the special times you shared with your loved one. 

South Wales Monuments 

Lit Candle

South Wales Monuments have years of experience creating and maintaining your loved one’s headstone and memorials. They offer a compassionate, personalised service and promise to work alongside you and your family in this hard period. If you would like any more information on our services please call us today on 02920 887 188