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Bucket List Ideas

Bucket List Ideas Attending the Olympics, Swimming with dolphins or visiting every continent in the world! What is on your bucket list?  In simple terms, a bucket list is a list of experiences, achievements or goals you would like to accomplish in your lifetime. For a lot of people, it will take an illness, retirement…

Writing A Condolence Message

Writing A Condolence Message Writing a condolence message can more times than not be an emotional and intimidating task. Sometimes what we want to say doesn’t come out properly, It can be challenging to find the right words to show support and comfort. South Wales Monuments understand that it helps when you know the common…

A Guide To Sympathy Flowers

A Guide To Sympathy Flowers Flowers are very special as they each symbolise a different emotion or meaning. Choosing the appropriate flowers can be an upsetting task, however, it can be a very useful part of the grieving process. Having a significant flower representing your loved one is a very traditional thing to do in…

Famous Memorials For Influential People.

Famous Memorials For Influential People. Having a family member or friend pass away is never an easy experience and sometimes these people are taken sooner than expected. When it comes to influential people, especially ones we look up too, these deaths can be just as hard to deal with. Some of the most famous memorials…